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To convert scientific research into evidence based, natural health products that empower people to lead their best lives while creating shared value for business and communities.

To improve health via natural means, personalized lifestyle, and therapeutic care. Through continuous innovation, we aim to promote change and challenge conventions.

We give our customers the certainty that they are always getting the same, effective formulation through our processes which ensures potency, purity and traceability from plant to finished product.

Our Story

Nutrir was birthed after noticing people searching for a reliable source of hard-to find nutritional formulations. The lack of access to these nutritional supplements was shocking, and we empathised with the many people who suffered from the failure of the dietary supplement industry to avail nutrients whose role in health were well-established by rigorous scientific investigation. The same companies were willing to promote supplements on insubstantial scientific evidence.

The industry ignored or refused to hold their product lines up to the light of clear standards of evidence, better yet new evidence or trends. They were content with selling products of yesteryear when better documented research and superior innovative supplements were available. What’s more scary is that most companies were unscrupulous and unwilling to develop genuine, novel orthomolecular interventions. They only wanted to exploit lucrative opportunities, deceiving consumers and adulterating products. Someone sarcastically joked that the system is so unregulated that you could dry up some weeds, crush them, put in a capsule, sell on the internet as “Super Fat Burn” and make a million dollars. Quality control is so compromised to cut costs even at the expense of product efficacy.

Nutrir initially sourced and compounded formulations for a few product lines but later expanded the standardised range for wider audience of health conscious individuals.

Nutrir has since become a leader in providing genuine nutraceutical innovations consistent in putting evidence based products on the market.

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